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Marta Śniady

4 rituals of women’s happiness 2.0

Marta reflects on the contemporary cult of the body – present in social media – however not in a social, but in a religious context. The word “ritual”, closely related to the original character of the flute, which has recently found its place in spas and plastic surgery clinics, is being returned to its basic meaning in the piece.

One of the chapters in Naomi Wolf’s “The Beauty Myth” begins with the words: “The women’s magazines preach the beauty myth like the gospel of a new religion. “And when you think about it, fashion, the cosmetics industry, and consumerism really have a lot in common with cult: 1. A world where models are the chosen ones and the rest of the women are the damned, 2. The concept of a paradise in the form of indefinite happiness, 3. Obeying a thousand laws which will allow you to achieve this paradise. 4. and the ceremony of death and rebirth by abandoning the old me and welcoming the new, better, prettier, happier. All of this — supervised by indoctrination techniques used in advertising. Every woman can redeem her sins if she eats what she should, dress as she should, sleep as much as she should. The rosary has been replaced by calorie calculators. The cult of fear is cultivated in the media. Fear of obesity, fear of aging, fear of ugliness. Men have an appetite and gain weight, and female appetites are the social embodiment of shame. In my piece, “4 rituals of women’s happiness”, I show this process, the way to salvation through daily rituals, after which each of us should reach our paradise. Beauty is a paradise or a state of grace, and ugliness is hell. If this is what we’ve always learned, I shouldn’t be surprised that the main comment I hear after the concert is not that I wrote a good piece of music, but that I look beautiful, or the blouse wonderfully exposes my neck.

Marta Śniady

Believes that new music is an important tool of social discourse, which means that she does not consider her field as an art of sound but seeks multi-layered meanings, references and links.

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