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Teoniki Rożynek


Teoniki, taking the position of an observer and participant of the event interchangeably, enumerates the varieties of shouting — both loud, moving and silent, strongly inscribed in the experience of women. Shouting as discord, perpetually silenced, penalized, directed inward wreaks even greater havoc.

It seems to me that scream, especially the suppressed one, is present in the lives of all people, regardless of gender or age. I can see more clearly, possibly through self-observation and the perspective my gender identity gives me, how women suppress screaming. For various reasons, but a large part of them are certainly the affectionate remarks given to us by our mothers, fathers, uncles and teachers. We don’t scream because someone might find us hysterical. We don’t scream because anger is bad for our looks. We never scream in order to not be too loud, not to be aggressive, not to be too weak. In my piece, repressed emotions are the starting point for creating an abstract narrative using flute-playing techniques. The flute, of course, from a certain perspective, may appear as an extension of the vocal apparatus, and certain sonic gestures may faithfully reproduce attempts to speak, despite internal resistance. The video was made thanks to the joint work of a wonderful team, consisting of a dancer and choreographer Krystyna Szydłowska, director Filip Bojarski, cinematographer Tomasz Wierzbicki and costume designer Nina Sakowska, as well as courtesy of Cukra Praga, where we shot the video clip.

Teoniki Rożynek

In her works, emphasis is placed on electronic sound design. She plays with the perception of the audience and uses “damaged” sounds as her tool.

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