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Nina Fukuoka


In her work, Nina attempts to interpret and internalize the phenomenon of the multicultural, multidimensional, undiscovered and mysterious identity with which we are born with. “Zansei” means “last years” in Japanese — in the piece they are read as an attempt to get out of the oppressive reality and live the “remaining years” in harmony with one’s own nature.

In the process of creating my newest piece “Zansei”, I collaborated with Izumi Yoshida, who was involved in creation of the video part. 

“Zansei” is a subjective collection of impressions, gestures, spaces and rituals that make up a journey through memories.  “Zansei” creates a fictional journey through an undiscovered dimension of the world. 

The hidden dimension is available to everyone who wants to plunge into space and try to understand the message behind the image and sound.

“Zansei” is also a piece about facing the reality that nothing happens by chance, that we build our lives based on decisions. This is obviously a universal truth, but especially as a woman living in the present day, I feel that I live in a reality that differs from what is natural for me. I copy with an imposed reality that I found and that I can only modify, and not really change and model — built through my choices. This realization and awakening makes me want to live the “rest of my life” (japanese: “Zansei”) in harmony with my true nature.

Nina Fukuoka

Draws inspiration from pop-culture, multilingualism, horror literature and sciencefiction. Hence the Internet objets trouvés often used in her works.

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